Mark Milliere

Principal of M2 Consulting

Mark Milliere

Mark Milliere is an entrepreneur, philanthropist and media executive in Toronto, ON with over 30 years in the industry

Mark worked for TSN, Canada’s leading sports network, for nearly 32 years. He began at an entry-level position as an editorial assistance. Through hard work and dedication, Mark worked his way up the ranks to become an executive, where he oversaw all of production for the network.

Currently, Mark operates his consulting firm, M2 Consulting.

M2 Consulting

Mark founded M2 Consulting, which utilizes his wealth of experience in three distinct areas.   Milliere works with start-up companies in the sports tech sector providing strategic planning and relationship building.  He provides brand development and content creation advisement to organizations in the not-for-profit space.  Mark’s third area of focus is executive and career coaching with individuals and groups, which he does as part of Elevate Organizations.


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